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Gr8minds LTD is a leading Israeli education company that works to implement innovation and entrepreneurship into the education system via multiple Israeli public institutions.

The company’s pedagogical strategy is based on over 20 years of broad experience in the field of education in Israel.  The company's founder, Itay Warman, previously ran the largest school in Israel for gifted and talented students. As a school principal, Itay developed more than 30 innovative educational programs that combine:

Ministry of Education
"Lamda Institute"  - Tel Aviv University
Multiple municipalities across Israel
Private and public schools

Gr8minds is a leader in it field and operates over

expansive educational networks. Gr8minds works closely with:

Gr8minds operates using its ‘Diamond Strategy’ through four platforms that create a unique and qualitative fabric of educational innovation and educational entrepreneurship:

Event production





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Gr8minds Promotes real change in education in Israel.

Dr. Miri Dresler, Director of the Science Center for Teacher Education in Primary Education

Her working methods are the basis for tomorrow's education "

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